Name Elite machine SMQ-EB
Model SMQ-EB
Certificate CE

IPL +RF technology combined as Elite,not only remove black hair but fine hair

skin rejuvenation,pigments,age spots

hair removal, light hair

acne and vascular lesions

1. With super large light spot, the hair removal efficiency of our E-light equipment is 2 times of the efficiency of common equipment. The cost is cut largely simultaneously.
2. The accurate energy control system is able to cure a variety of conditions of different skin colors.
3. To ensure the safety and comfort during treatment, we use the semi-conductor control system to let the temperature of crystal drop to -4℃ within 5 minutes of starting the E-light machine.
4. Effective and durable

5. With the modular interior design, the inspection and installation process is largely simplified. LDC interface is set to make the equipment easy-operated.

Technical Parameters

Light type

Intense Pulsed Llight

RF frequency   


RF power


Treatment handle

SR & HR; (option: VR)

Wave length (SR/HR)

560-1200nm, 690-1200nm  (option:VR 420-1200nm)

Transmission system

crystal light guide system

Safety level

I level B type

Pulse sequence


Charging time


Hole size for light

8*34mm, 16*57mm ±0.2mm

Temperature of the hole for light


Refrigeration system

built-in water cooling, air cooling, semiconductor cooling

Net Weight    


Dimension (L×W×H)  

490mm x 525mm x 952mm


F6.3AL 250V

Input power


Power supply

110V-240V AC, 50/60HZ

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